Формоутворення виробів

Creation of theoretical bases of resource saving technologies of isothermal forming of thin-walled elements of mechanical engineering in wide temperature range and velocity deformation

Based on generalized theoretical results of visco-plastic flow of metal in different aggregate (solid and liquid-solid) states under a wide range of temperatures and strain rates the relationship of the isothermal load parameters, structure and physic-mechanical properties of the material extruded from thin-walled workpieces elements that have a high degree of approximation of their shape to the shape of the details (accuracy) was obtained. A general theory and generalized approach for the calculation process of forming structurally heterogeneous bodies was created.

Scientific and technological bases of receipt and treatment of the effective adapted blanks at the complex use of processes of local orbital forging

An important scientific and technical task, related to creation of conception of complex application of processes of local deformation in a technological sequence from the receipt of the effective adapted purveyance to making of eventual detail with the minimum level of final treatment with a layer metal and providing of the improved mechanical properties due to modification of structure of material, is decided; by development of new technologies of receipt of circular purveyances which have necessary correlations of sizes and fall under determination of the effective adapted purveyance; b

Creation of the information technology of realization of intensive plastic deformation and surface strengthening of materials by manufacture of details for ensuring of reliability and durability of dies blocks

Information technology for determination of parameters at a design stage of manufacturing techniques of articles with ensured reliability and durability is created by methods of cold forging and a sheet-metal forming.

Development of die tooling configuration for realization of plastic deformation in cold forming of sheet metal and cold forging and obtaining products with increased reliability and durability

The classification of sheet metal processes and cold forging processes was made, the expediency of developing of new ways of forming which provide the productivity of manufacturing and the reliability and durability of produced products were grounded.