Development of a system for monitoring and control of mobile robotic tools for complex environmental monitoring and ground objects

A new architecture and basic components of the UAV control system with robotic devices and Tactical Support Platform (TSP) for horizon control so a drone and robot were develop, the structure of hardware and software complex Ground Control Centre (GCC), circuit integration of major subsystems and equipment – registration server, data analysis and data processing ground facilities monitoring results, the server for access to the resources of the relevant data warehouses and databases, components of these management systems and data streams and video.
The new technology was develop for processing of ground-based monitoring results and works with the onboard robot that form the streams of telemetry, operational UAV and TSP control, data streams from cameras, remote control data robot on UAVs, accelerate the analysis and processing of data in the IT environment of the system using the meta description and messages, as well as on the basis of relevant services and resources GCC. Created new library application, the structure of the operational database systems, data storage structure, rules, information integration and configuration of the system based on the developed templates of control and metamodels of service. When the project was developed the analysis and modeling of typical UAV control schemes were made, the dynamics of transients of air-propellers group, developed of airborne robotic devices and technological features of the implementation for analysis of tasks of flow channels data from onboard systems drone and TSP, developed requirements for operating system and for an application software components to create services of analysis and processing of these streams, as well as the virtual storage subsystem of real and simulated data, and video-based network-attached storage QNAP - TS638.

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