Безпілотні літальні апарати, безпілотники

High reliability local positioning navigation system

Algorithmic and technological approaches to the technological-constructive and algorithmic-software integration of the complex of navigation-visual modules and sensors are determined. A patent information study was carried out on a number of technical and technological solutions. A physical and mathematical model for solving navigation problems with the structure of a local navigation positional system has been developed. Optimal design parameters and operating modes of robotic platforms for a local navigation system have been developed.

Creation of remote controlled platform of mobile robot for demining of high passage and maneuverability

A concept has been developed for the creation of a small-sized universal base chassis of a robot of high cross-country ability and maneuverability, which combines minimization of the dimensions and weight of mobile robots, a reduction in production costs due to a decrease in resource and material consumption, a significant expansion of the scope of use of mobile robots in areas where traditional large-sized equipment cannot be applied , the implementation of which is based on the use of chassis kinematic schemes, providing high cross-country ability on rough terrain and in houses with the a

Scientific and technical basis for the construction of new over-the-horizon communication systems using relay air platforms and artificial formations

The main result is the development of the concept of scientific and technical foundations for the creation of new high-speed over the-horizon communication systems (SPZ) with variable architecture using reference stations for tropospheric communication and relay intelligent air platforms and artificial formations.

Development of a system for monitoring and control of mobile robotic tools for complex environmental monitoring and ground objects

A new architecture and basic components of the UAV control system with robotic devices and Tactical Support Platform (TSP) for horizon control so a drone and robot were develop, the structure of hardware and software complex Ground Control Centre (GCC), circuit integration of major subsystems and equipment – registration server, data analysis and data processing ground facilities monitoring results, the server for access to the resources of the relevant data warehouses and databases, components of these management systems and data streams and video.

Methods of increasing of wireless ad-hoc networks throughput using telecommunication aerial platforms

It is proposed a method for operational planning and re-planning of telecommunication aeroplatform network topology that allows through the optimal placement of drones in space to create such a network structure, which has a large throughput. It is proposed a method for the rapid deployment of telecommunication aeroplatform networks that allows using wireless sensor networks quickly gather data about the current coordinates of mobile subscribers and through a specially designed remote control devices to direct the position of unmanned aerial vehicles to achieve the desired throughput.

Development of methods and techniques for optimal design of unmanned aviation complex for industrial and ecological monitoring of the environment

The work is dedicated to the development and implementation of integrated design methodologies of individual elements of unmanned aircraft systems related to the problems of ensuring the necessary tactical and technical, performance, reliability characteristics, performance and unification into a single unified methodology and a system of making design decisions in the design process.

The development of a system of preventing emergency situations and their consequences for small manned and unmanned aircrafts

Analyzed the causes of abnormal and dangerous situation in the operation of unmanned aircraft and general purpose aircraft, manned by a single pilot. It is possible to determine the number of events that will lead to a decrease in dangerous situations during the flight of the aircraft: carrying out timely maintenance and monitoring of the physical and psychological integrity of the pilot at his control of the aircraft, correct and timely assessment of the weather conditions, applying for aircraft auxiliary / reserving devices and systems.