The development of a system of preventing emergency situations and their consequences for small manned and unmanned aircrafts

Analyzed the causes of abnormal and dangerous situation in the operation of unmanned aircraft and general purpose aircraft, manned by a single pilot. It is possible to determine the number of events that will lead to a decrease in dangerous situations during the flight of the aircraft: carrying out timely maintenance and monitoring of the physical and psychological integrity of the pilot at his control of the aircraft, correct and timely assessment of the weather conditions, applying for aircraft auxiliary / reserving devices and systems. Proposed the creation of a special handheld device that implements the developed system and allow for control of the preparation and execution of the flight, the pilot has provided information assistance in all phases of aircraft control.

A method of assessing the risk factors and the use of information on accidents and developed on the basis of this method of programming a classifier that provides an objective assessment of the probability of occurrence of a hazard that can cause the development of contingency. The classes of airborne surveillance equipment, including the fixation of moving and stationary objects in the air. Developed methods for determining the relative position of the aircraft and obstacles. Implemented the use of the system of monitoring the physical condition of the pilot, methods for assessing its viability and relevance of action. The system developed and implemented methods to improve the accuracy of navigation of the aircraft, which are designed for micro-mechanical sensors.

Defined control algorithms of unmanned aircraft, which are used the developed methodology and identified ways of integration designed algorithms and software in the control system of the aircraft. In practical purposes, with this system will be achieved increasing of the safety of exploitation of aircrafts. Developed research-based recommendations, specifications and designed special equipment.

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