Development of technical recommendations for the creation of processes for the preparation of thermoplastic polymer composite materials and the formation of intelligent products from them

As a result of the work, a new technology for the production of intelligent polymer composite materials using sensors that provide the ability to obtain a sufficient level of information about the state of the polymer composition and products from them to manufacture on their basis responsible structural products.

Development of design tools and technology for the production of nonvolatile ferroelectric storage devices for high-performance critical-computer systems.

The use of slit high-frequency (HF) indirect cathode sources with indirect cooling of the target for the layer-by-layer deposition of the components on the substrate with their movement over the target surface is substantiated. Designs of sources for the deposition of ferroelectric film from zirconium-hafnium oxides and lead zirconate-titanate, focused on the use of targets with dimensions 68x30x5mm from powders of hafnium, zirconium, titanium, lead oxides, have been finalized.

Anthropomorphic robotic ransport device for human unloading in conditions of high risk and uncertainty of terrain

A new analytical model of ARTD kinematics, model of the dynamic behavior of the walking apparatus when moving on an arbitrary surface, has been developed a structural diagram, has been synthesized for the interaction of the robotic transport device systems with its nodes. Created computer models of kinematics and dynamic behavior work, shows the interaction of the executive bodies of the ARTD with its sensory system through the environment.

Supportive sustainable economic growth in Ukraine based on modeling the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators

Methodological approaches to determine the structural components of sustainable economic growth for the national economy and methods of measuring the level of sustainability of the administrative units, areas for significant periods of time. The analysis of the structure of quantitative and qualitative indicators to assess the status and dynamics of socio-economic development of regions and regions. Defined their relationship and the degree of impact on the operations and development of local systems and the economy.

Scientific and technical principles of designing equipment for molding products from polymeric compositions on account of their viscoelastic properties

Applied a comprehensive approach to modeling various stages of the process of extrusion - forming and cooling products to the changing rheology and melt viscoelastic effects in it, that affect the final product configuration. The methodological approach allows the numerical simulation of the formation of products from polymeric materials, design extrusion-forming equipment based viscoelastic deformation effects of products and make adjustments to the design and process parameters to achieve the form of products, more relevant given.

Scientific and technical solutions complex development for education facilities of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine energy management system creation

Energy management systems in different universities of Ukraine were considered. Procedures for conducting energy audits for social facilities and estimation of baseline buildings energy consumption for evaluating the implementation of energy saving measures were developed. Mathematical models of building thermal condition were created, taking into account the influence of solar and thermal radiation, thermal protection, based on European standards (simplified hourly method 5R1C) and EnergyPlus software product. Intermittent operation of heating was investigated.

Development of a system for monitoring and control of mobile robotic tools for complex environmental monitoring and ground objects

A new architecture and basic components of the UAV control system with robotic devices and Tactical Support Platform (TSP) for horizon control so a drone and robot were develop, the structure of hardware and software complex Ground Control Centre (GCC), circuit integration of major subsystems and equipment – registration server, data analysis and data processing ground facilities monitoring results, the server for access to the resources of the relevant data warehouses and databases, components of these management systems and data streams and video.

The methodology of quantitative estimation and analysis of a society based on knowledge

A model of comprehensive quantitative assessment of the development of a society based on knowledge, using the system utility theory, was built. Simulation for countries and regions of Ukrain was provided, the results of which was used for creating thematic panels for presentation and analysis of the research results on-line. In the course of the investigation also method of verification applied models of complex systems based on the operations of aggregation and generalization and the use of equivalent transformations for categories that describe the subject area was established.