Supportive sustainable economic growth in Ukraine based on modeling the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators

Methodological approaches to determine the structural components of sustainable economic growth for the national economy and methods of measuring the level of sustainability of the administrative units, areas for significant periods of time. The analysis of the structure of quantitative and qualitative indicators to assess the status and dynamics of socio-economic development of regions and regions. Defined their relationship and the degree of impact on the operations and development of local systems and the economy. Presented mathematical model that evaluates the process of sustainable economic growth using differential comparative analysis of indicative approach and dynamic modeling. The methodical principles of ensuring the functioning of sustainable economic growth based on modeling the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators, taking into account the socio-economic component of social development. Developed scenario approach to modeling strategies of administrative units using simulation modeling based on fuzzy sets. The methodical approaches to the priorities of the real economy of Ukraine. A working economic development strategies priority domestic commodity markets on the basis of national policies create competitive advantages, namely the production of growth factors that are missing, with the active support of those who already have. The proposals on the use of mechanisms to ensure the accelerated development of specified sectors and regions. Mechanism of decision-making on the basis of modeling macroeconomic indicators and implement these solutions using the provisions of the concept of sustainable development.

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