Scientific and technical principles of designing equipment for molding products from polymeric compositions on account of their viscoelastic properties

Applied a comprehensive approach to modeling various stages of the process of extrusion - forming and cooling products to the changing rheology and melt viscoelastic effects in it, that affect the final product configuration. The methodological approach allows the numerical simulation of the formation of products from polymeric materials, design extrusion-forming equipment based viscoelastic deformation effects of products and make adjustments to the design and process parameters to achieve the form of products, more relevant given.
Established parameters viscoelastic polymeric materials during processing. A mathematical model and method of calculation of stress-strain state of polymer products of the technological stresses. Defined field distribution rate, temperature, pressure and other parameters of the processes taking place in the working channel processing equipment viscoelastic polymer material. Grounded new technological parameters of the formation of the viscoelastic products of polymer materials. The methods of modeling the formation process and the influence of parameters of viscoelastic polymer compositions and process stress given to changing the geometry forming channels. Provided technical advice on the design of the polymer forming equipment and tooling developed technical documentation.
Advanced mathematical models and calculation algorithm cooling plastic pipes and cable products, providing the opportunity to shorten the cooling process to reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of the products generated by minimizing stress in their technology.

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