Elaboration of innovative technology and equipment for molding products from intelligent polymer composite materials

Схема інжектуючого пристрою для введення суміші ІД з розплавом:  1 –  черв’ячний пластикатор; 2 – інжекційний циліндр;  3 – формуючий канал головки

1.A new technology has been developed and new designs of devices for the manufacture of intelligent polymer composite materials (PKMM), incl. using ultrasound (US), for energy-efficient and high-performance production of products from intelligent polymer materials (IPM) on their basis.

Scientific and technical principles of designing equipment for molding products from polymeric compositions on account of their viscoelastic properties

Applied a comprehensive approach to modeling various stages of the process of extrusion - forming and cooling products to the changing rheology and melt viscoelastic effects in it, that affect the final product configuration. The methodological approach allows the numerical simulation of the formation of products from polymeric materials, design extrusion-forming equipment based viscoelastic deformation effects of products and make adjustments to the design and process parameters to achieve the form of products, more relevant given.

Design of processes and equipment for traditional and nano-modified reactoplastic polymer composite materials

Експериментальний вузол для УЗ - обробки за допомогою концентратора поздовжніх УЗК

It is conducting preliminary studies and conducted experimental verification of the effectiveness of producing traditional and nano-modified carbon nanotubes reaktoplastichnih polymer composite materials by the determined application of low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation. A new procedure for the preparation of traditional and nano-modified reaktoplastichnyh polymer composites with the low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation.