Design of processes and equipment for traditional and nano-modified reactoplastic polymer composite materials

It is conducting preliminary studies and conducted experimental verification of the effectiveness of producing traditional and nano-modified carbon nanotubes reaktoplastichnih polymer composite materials by the determined application of low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation. A new procedure for the preparation of traditional and nano-modified reaktoplastichnyh polymer composites with the low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation.

Obtained experimentally-statistical relationships for cavitation mode when receiving conventional polymer composites with improved performance characteristics. Getting adequate experimental and statistical models are designed for directional selection mode parameters of basic resources and energy-saving and high-performance processes of polymer composite materials, such as the preparation of polymer compositions with the use of low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation. The use of these models will allow to optimize the constructive design of the impregnating equipment and implement the most effective technological modes while reducing cost and time, it will promote the development of domestic industry and traditional nano-modified polymer composite materials.

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