Kolosov Oleksandr E.

Competitive technology of molding structural products from traditional and nanomodified polymer composite materials

A new competitive technology has been developed for the molding of structural products from traditional and nanomodified polymer composite materials (PCM) based on the use of effective low-frequency ultrasonic (US) cavitation modes in liquid polymer media. Effective processing parameters were established for the basic technological operations of preparing nanosuspensions, preliminary ultrasonic treatment, disintegration and mixing in the preparation of liquid nanomodified polymer compositions

Design of processes and equipment for traditional and nano-modified reactoplastic polymer composite materials

It is conducting preliminary studies and conducted experimental verification of the effectiveness of producing traditional and nano-modified carbon nanotubes reaktoplastichnih polymer composite materials by the determined application of low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation. A new procedure for the preparation of traditional and nano-modified reaktoplastichnyh polymer composites with the low-frequency ultrasonic cavitation.

Mathematical modelling of forming processes of multycomponent polymeric composition materials by using of the directed physical and chemical modification

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