Create an electrochemical source for hydrogen sulfide mikroflow of monitoring and prevention of air pollution

Created electrochemical hydrogen sulfide source microflow (EIMS) based on cells with electrolyte matrix and composite sulfide electrodes. Cell is characterized by close to 100% and to stable current output, which were resolved following tasks:

- Were conducted theoretical and experimental studies of physical and chemical properties of the matrix electrolytes based on acidic aqueous phosphate solution and was investigated the behavior of the valve metal and carbon materials in them;
- A technique was developed synthesis of sulfide materials and investigated the mechanism and kinetics of electrochemical reduction;
- Electrodes were created based on compositions valve metal powders and silver sulfide and was set the optimal composition gas-generating electrode;
- Was conducted experiments to investigate the processes of mass transfer in polyphase systems based on matrix acidic phosphate electrolytes and was installed kinetic parameters of the electrochemical generation of hydrogen sulfide;
- Theoretically proved and experimentally confirmed the fact of the stable retention of the current efficiency of hydrogen sulfide near the value of 100% in the optimized gas-generating electrode EIMS;
- The gas diffusion electrodes developed based on titanium powder, activated ruthenium dioxide which are suitable for use as anodes of electrochemical cells of EIMS.

Based on the developed generator was created model sample of calibration gas mixtures of hydrogen sulfide microconcentrations for dynamic dosing systems of gas mixtures of hydrogen sulfide and determined specifications of them. An electrochemical module, which combines EIMS cell and hydrogen sulfide sensor, manufactured with uniform equipment and technology within the framework of a unified series of electrochemical sensors "KPI". This module allows to refuse the special equipment and procedures for the diagnosis of gas-analyzing complex, since testing performance sensor modules can be carried out remotely and directly at the place of installation owing to the EIMS, which significantly reduces operating costs and improves technical and economic parameters of the gas analytical techniques, including its reliability, accuracy and reliability of measurements.

Макетний зразок генератора сірководню на основі електрохімічного джерела мікропотоку сірководню (ЕДМС)
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