Elaboration of innovative technology and equipment for molding products from intelligent polymer composite materials

1.A new technology has been developed and new designs of devices for the manufacture of intelligent polymer composite materials (PKMM), incl. using ultrasound (US), for energy-efficient and high-performance production of products from intelligent polymer materials (IPM) on their basis.

2. It is shown that currently the most developed is the technology of IPM creation by using materials with shape memory effect, as well as by incorporating fiber-optic sensors into the structure of the formed materials. Such sensors allow you to monitor the processes that occur during the formation of intelligent polymer products (IPV) with IPM, and to monitor their condition during operation and adequately respond to changes occurring in them, due to environmental factors.

3. It has been established that in order to provide optimal operating conditions for the responsible structural polymer products, PKKM is increasingly used for their manufacture, including nanomodified and with the shape memory effect. For serial production of products from PKKM, which can reliably transmit information about their stress-strain state, it is necessary to achieve accurate positioning of a limited number of IDs in the specified coordinates of the volume of products in the technological process of their formation. The development of methods and schematic diagrams of devices for dosed positioning of ID introduction is topical.

Схема інжектуючого пристрою для введення суміші ІД з розплавом:  1 –  черв’ячний пластикатор; 2 – інжекційний циліндр;  3 – формуючий канал головки
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