Сівецький В.І.

Development of technical recommendations for the creation of processes for the preparation of thermoplastic polymer composite materials and the formation of intelligent products from them

As a result of the work, a new technology for the production of intelligent polymer composite materials using sensors that provide the ability to obtain a sufficient level of information about the state of the polymer composition and products from them to manufacture on their basis responsible structural products.

Elaboration of innovative technology and equipment for molding products from intelligent polymer composite materials

1.A new technology has been developed and new designs of devices for the manufacture of intelligent polymer composite materials (PKMM), incl. using ultrasound (US), for energy-efficient and high-performance production of products from intelligent polymer materials (IPM) on their basis.

Creating of technological foundations of products from high structural composite materials for special engineering

It resolves an important economic problems associated with the scientific substantiation of energy saving processes and equipment for reactors plasticity improved quality of products, including special purpose epoxy compositions based polymers, fiber reinforced fillers in combination ultrasonic action, as well as the prediction of physical and mechanical properties of the resulting products.

Development of high-energy and resource-saving technological bases of the processes of manufacture of constructional polymer composites

An important national economic problem related to the scientific substantiation of energy-efficient processes and equipment to produce plastic products reactors on the basis of improved formulations of epoxy resins reinforced with fibrous fillers, in the acoustic field of ultrasonic frequency, and the prediction of physical and mechanical properties of the resulting products is solved.

Development of discrete mathematical models of mixing and forming processes at preparation of new polymeric compositions.

The discrete mathematical models of processes of mixing at the unisothermal flow of fusions of polymeric compositions in the mixers ducting of static and dynamic types taking into account the change of their rheological properties from a deformation-temperature condition is developed. A method of the numeral computations of mixing processes of polymer fusions with other components in the mixers ducting of base configurations of extrusion and molding equipment is developed.