Creating of technological foundations of products from high structural composite materials for special engineering

It resolves an important economic problems associated with the scientific substantiation of energy saving processes and equipment for reactors plasticity improved quality of products, including special purpose epoxy compositions based polymers, fiber reinforced fillers in combination ultrasonic action, as well as the prediction of physical and mechanical properties of the resulting products.

Studies have shown that in addition to producing a wide range of products from thermoplastics, the use of the method of extrusion molding products from reactive is especially appropriate when you use it reaktoplastichnih high-binders containing particulate fillers. It also is advisable to use short-term low-frequency ultrasound treatment. This improves the homogeneity and flowability reactors plastic polymer blends, to reduce contact friction between the mixture and the walls of the forming die and to intensify the process of solidification of the polymeric binder in the "resin + curing agent."

Експериментальна установка для виготовлення спінених термопластів екструзійним методом
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