Development of high-energy and resource-saving technological bases of the processes of manufacture of constructional polymer composites

An important national economic problem related to the scientific substantiation of energy-efficient processes and equipment to produce plastic products reactors on the basis of improved formulations of epoxy resins reinforced with fibrous fillers, in the acoustic field of ultrasonic frequency, and the prediction of physical and mechanical properties of the resulting products is solved.

Experiments confirmed that ultrasonic efficiently using resulting in improved homogenization heterogeneous systems comprising epoxy compositions and fibrous fillers, reduce the time of curing and improving the physical and mechanical properties of the resulting solidified epoxy resins. The parameters of the ultrasonic modification (frequency, amplitude, intensity, temperature, sample weight), that achieves the greatest hardening of hardened epoxy composites.

Експериментальна установка для виготовлення спінених термопластів екструзійним методом
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