Scientific and technical solutions complex development for education facilities of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine energy management system creation

Energy management systems in different universities of Ukraine were considered. Procedures for conducting energy audits for social facilities and estimation of baseline buildings energy consumption for evaluating the implementation of energy saving measures were developed. Mathematical models of building thermal condition were created, taking into account the influence of solar and thermal radiation, thermal protection, based on European standards (simplified hourly method 5R1C) and EnergyPlus software product. Intermittent operation of heating was investigated. The method of calculating energy / exergy gains and losses in the system "building - heat source" was proposed for a variety of heat sources and buildings with different levels of thermal protection. The use of exergy and economic analysis methods for optimizing the "building-heat source" system was investigated. The life cycle analysis of energy efficiency projects was conducted. Different methods of determining human thermal comfort were considered for further use in buildings energy efficiency analysis.
The mathematical and numerical models were created and air movement inside the premise, the height and volume temperature distribution were considered during the warm-up of premises with radiator heating devices, "warm floor" and "thermal curtain" systems. Automated software system for monitoring, control and short-term prediction of heat consumption was created. The requirements to the decision-making support system and measuring devices for the energy management system of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine were considered, efficiency indicators of energy resources use for educational facilities were proposed. Database and set of expertise base governing rules for the generation of expert solutions for decision support system were created.

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