Deshko V.I.

Валерий Иванович Дешко

Engineering aspects of the functioning of the energy management system of housing and public facilities

The authors continued previous studies, which were aimed at creating scientific and technical solutions for the development and implementation of energy management systems in educational sector, methods of energy assessment and certification of buildings, typical structures of control, monitoring and management systems, algorithmic and software for information systems aimed at energy consumption processes management, performing energy modelling of representative premises or buildings of simple geometry, taking into account the influence of climatic parameters, operating modes of the heating

Management of municipal facilities energy consumption

The main structural schemes of interrelations between the subjects of the thermal energy market are determined and the corresponding models of the thermal energy market are proposed depending on the localization level of the heat supply system. Effectiveness of the system was analyzed for two alternatives: monopoly and competition. Modeling the interaction of market participants was done using different technologies for the production of heat energy, in a competitive environment.

Scientific and technical solutions complex development for education facilities of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine energy management system creation

Energy management systems in different universities of Ukraine were considered. Procedures for conducting energy audits for social facilities and estimation of baseline buildings energy consumption for evaluating the implementation of energy saving measures were developed. Mathematical models of building thermal condition were created, taking into account the influence of solar and thermal radiation, thermal protection, based on European standards (simplified hourly method 5R1C) and EnergyPlus software product. Intermittent operation of heating was investigated.

Development of models and methods integrated management systems for effective energy education facilities

Entities of the higher education branch similar to other budgetary financing structures primari-ly require the systems approach in efficiency of energy consumption management and analysis. Methodology of the energy management system in education branch was developed. It is based on the energy consumption and energy saving three-level processes control system of the branch entities.

Thermal processes at growh of non-activated scintillational materials

The object of research is the directed crystallization partly of semitransparent materials from melt. The subject of research is mathematical models of radiation-conductive and radiation-convective heat exchange. Mathematical models and techniques of numeral solution of tasks of ra-diation-convective heat exchange are worked out taking into account influence of impurities in melt on an asorptance and selectivity of optical properties of semitransparent crystal and melt.