Development of models and methods integrated management systems for effective energy education facilities

Entities of the higher education branch similar to other budgetary financing structures primari-ly require the systems approach in efficiency of energy consumption management and analysis. Methodology of the energy management system in education branch was developed. It is based on the energy consumption and energy saving three-level processes control system of the branch entities.

To ensure the higher management level the sample of higher education institutions was divided into types and classified using clustering by such indicators as sectoral direction, temperature zone and other factors which are the reasons of essential distinctions between the specific energy consumption values of the higher education institutions. This made it possible to carry out further analysis of energy consumption indicators and to define energy efficiency of the institutions.

To ensure the second management level the software-methodological complex structure of data collection and storage, analysis of energy consumption and energy saving information, report making was developed. On basis of the introduced procedure of comparative assessment and energy saving measures selection software module in “1C:Enterprise” for optimization of energy saving measures selection was developed. Energy audit of the educational buildings of NTUU “KPI” and NAU.

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