Development of models and methods integrated management systems for effective energy education facilities

Entities of the higher education branch similar to other budgetary financing structures primari-ly require the systems approach in efficiency of energy consumption management and analysis. Methodology of the energy management system in education branch was developed. It is based on the energy consumption and energy saving three-level processes control system of the branch entities.

Fundamentals of vector-controlled alternative current electromechanical systems with rolling pair kinematics

The generalized mathematical models for the class of transport objects with vector-controlled AC motors are developed. A novel decomposition based control concept for electromechanical systems with rolling pair kinematic is presented. Control algorithms development procedure based on this concept provides a solution for the basic traction control tasks.

Development the prinсiples of construction multifactor monitoring and functional diagnostics electromechanical systems for stationary plants at mining enterprises

The purpose of the work is to increase energy efficiency of the electromechanical systems of stationary mining enterprises by monitoring in real time of their current operating parameters and diagnosing and evaluating energy and technical conditions to identify inefficient modes and make informed decisions about further exploitation. The paper solved the urgent scientific and practical task of improving the energy efficiency of electromechanical systems of the mine fixed installations with asynchronous motors.

Development of control instrument for mining industry power streams setting with norms and analysis

The purpose of the project is the creation of the CAS management of mining enterprise power streams with software development to determine specific energy consumption, and its analysis on the basis of modern mathematical methods: theories of patterns recognitions, artificial networks, balance methods for workstations of all levels .