Development the prinсiples of construction multifactor monitoring and functional diagnostics electromechanical systems for stationary plants at mining enterprises

The purpose of the work is to increase energy efficiency of the electromechanical systems of stationary mining enterprises by monitoring in real time of their current operating parameters and diagnosing and evaluating energy and technical conditions to identify inefficient modes and make informed decisions about further exploitation. The paper solved the urgent scientific and practical task of improving the energy efficiency of electromechanical systems of the mine fixed installations with asynchronous motors. A solution was proposed which consist in controlling real-time energy electromechanical systems by means of multivariate monitoring and functional diagnostics, servicing the actual condition and continuous protection during operation. The goals were defined and objectives of functional diagnosis of energy efficiency of electromechanical systems were developed including the influence of the quality of the supply voltage and load schedule. Also the diagnostic signs of the emergency operation of electromechanical systems were defined. They enable to detect specific types of electrical injuries more accurate and variable, as well as current spectral analysis which help to detect mechanical defects of the motor. Was created the model of functional diagnosis of electromechanical systems with induction motors, which allows to determine their energy and condition in real time considering the quality of the supply voltage and load schedule. A methodology, algorithms, software were developed for improvement of the energy efficiency of electromechanical systems with asynchronous motors, what allows real-time diagnosis of energy efficiency, forecasting residual life and continuous protection during operation and detect violations of technological regime.

Макет мобільного програмно-апаратного комплексу для функціонального діагностування енергоефективності электромеханических систем  шахтных стационарных установок
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