Система моніторингу

Scientific and technical solutions complex development for education facilities of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine energy management system creation

Energy management systems in different universities of Ukraine were considered. Procedures for conducting energy audits for social facilities and estimation of baseline buildings energy consumption for evaluating the implementation of energy saving measures were developed. Mathematical models of building thermal condition were created, taking into account the influence of solar and thermal radiation, thermal protection, based on European standards (simplified hourly method 5R1C) and EnergyPlus software product. Intermittent operation of heating was investigated.

The Stress Monitoring System for the Main Pipeline, Based on Magnetic Elastic Method

The monitoring system includes equipment, methods, and software. It was designed for the following purposes: Measurement of mechanical stress within the main pipeline, located in potentially dangerous areas. Transmission of measurement data into operator’s server. Graphical representation of the current stress distribution in a horizontal axis of a pipeline. Graphical representation of stress changes in the points of measurement over time.

Methods of the organization of information-analytical systems for intellectual technology support of system electronic educational resource

A number of approaches and methods was developed for creating of global electronic space monitoring program means. The means allow to quickly actualize professional electronic scientific and educational resources.

Developing technological foundations spot welding dissimilar materials with guaranteed quality connections

The essence of development is that for the first time in spot welding of dissimilar materials to enhance quality connections and guaranteed their support for a given level of applied external electromagnetic action. Their essence is that during the welding process each point in the working area generated transverse inter-symmetric magnetic field. In their interaction with the welding current in the melt volume arising ponderomotive force that it intensively stirred. Thus there is some positive effects.

Theorethical and applied tasks of security of comlex systems

This project concerns the research of theoretical and applied problems of structural-complex systems’ security. The subject of the research is the scientific apparatus for the security investigation of structural-complex systems. In this project were developed new and improved existing approaches, models, methods and algorithms for solving the tasks of analysis and synthesis of structural-complex systems’ characteristics.

Methods of the organization of monitoring information-analytical systems for scientific and educational purpose on the basis of highly productive computing cluster technologies.

A number of approaches is developed for creation of monitoring information-analytical systems for scientific and educational activity support. The way of an efficiency estimation of using information-analytical, including monitoring information-analytical systems for solving problems of science and education on the basis of use spatial cognitive model of training is offered. Approaches to formation of  specialized information-analytical systems architecture are created.