Methods of the organization of information-analytical systems for intellectual technology support of system electronic educational resource

A number of approaches and methods was developed for creating of global electronic space monitoring program means. The means allow to quickly actualize professional electronic scientific and educational resources. This forms the scientific basis for the development and implementation of effective software for automatic creation and maintenance of electronic educational resources by automatically monitoring the global electronic information space to detect updates of scientific and educational nature and perform their systematic attachment to data and knowledge infrastructure available during the training process. A number of text data processing methods based on data mining was developed. This allows structural analysis, quasiabstracting, content classification, clustering of Ukrainian educational information. Methods of text information objects originality analysis and overlaps compensation were proposed. The methods can work on the formal and content level. Also adapted for use in scientific and educational electronic information environment automatic detection and correction of spelling errors methods were created. Methods of structural and algorithmic search engines, focused on the use of Ukrainian education natural text resources were developed. The methods allow to perform full-text, quasisemantic and associative search. Methods of architectural information systems organization were created. The systems belong to a class of Education Intelligence systems and focus on the use of cloud computing technologies. The developed methods and techniques have been practically implemented in the experimental information-analytical system prototype, which supports scientific and educational process.

Приклад аналітичних можливостей системи (автоматична класифікація)
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