Хмарні технології

Development and research of models, methods and technologies of planning, programming and management cloudy IT-infrastructures

Was developed a new concept of composing and development of large-scale information management systems and open public media, a number of mathematical models and methods of analysis, design, implementation and operation of control systems of cloud IT infrastructure that automates critical cloud computing processes that allow you to create technology-aided design and management of cloud IT infrastructure.

Heterogeneous environment with dynamic architecture for high-performance data processing in distributed information systems

The analysis of the status and problems arising in the provision of services in global networks, particularly in systems Cloud Computing and Grid, as well as models, methods and algorithms to provide services and their pricing shown that the existing number of bottlenecks in the system to provide services in a global environment for ISPs and telecom operators, including call processing systems, query processing in data сetre and charging, since the lack of facilities the end user can not pick up service.

Methods of the organization of information-analytical systems for intellectual technology support of system electronic educational resource

A number of approaches and methods was developed for creating of global electronic space monitoring program means. The means allow to quickly actualize professional electronic scientific and educational resources.

Implementation of the clouds computing in education and creation of the virtual computer research and training laboratory for universities

Were developed the software and technical basis of the virtual computer lab (VL) based on cloud technology. The main difference from the cloud services offered by the Internet in recent years - the advanced features for users with the ability to use interactive physical laboratory tools from both the server and client-side depth management of virtual machines and infrastructures.

The development of architecture and technology of processing corporative distributed data sources in Cloud Computing environment based on the metamodels with their dynamic interpretation

The new Cloud- relevant technology and architecture "server farm" for ETL - processing and basic components (Machine of states and Broker of processing queries and broadcast events) of the distributed processing of corporate data sources and Web - services are developed for high quality in a heterogeneous environment Cloud Computing - based metadata and tools to identify the objects in "cloud" architecture.

Development of paradigm and Software integration of distributed information systems with dynamic interpretation of data processing and control metamodels for intercorporate level

Authors have developed a new technology to create of tools for integration of distributed information systems (IS) on the basis of standardized components to the dynamic interpretation of metamodels processing and management. Technology differs from the known methods that can be adapted to each other and IS dynamically modify their treatment processes and software components.