The development of architecture and technology of processing corporative distributed data sources in Cloud Computing environment based on the metamodels with their dynamic interpretation

The new Cloud- relevant technology and architecture "server farm" for ETL - processing and basic components (Machine of states and Broker of processing queries and broadcast events) of the distributed processing of corporate data sources and Web - services are developed for high quality in a heterogeneous environment Cloud Computing - based metadata and tools to identify the objects in "cloud" architecture. The appropriate formats of queries and indexing were created, which used to optimize the processing of data, including meta data descriptions, identification and management for storage, operating databases and other information sources distributed enterprise-level, based on new metrics and metamodels, parameters and structure are dynamically interpreted by special algorithms binding to control these processes, allowing dynamic reallocation of resources in one session without restarting problems and for handling application tasks irrespective of the location of the real resource for online universities.

The server architectures are developed for dynamic interpretation metamodels for the distribution of tasks and to process and store data, including the structure of the functional modules in the new specialized software. Integration components and modeling new architecture showed the possibility of building highly- distributed data processing systems using this technology of dynamic interpretation metamodels and confirmed the high efficiency of the proposed solutions in the creation of high-performance information systems and provide simultaneous access to 1,5-2,0 million users per multicore virtual server.

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