Stenin Alexandr A.

Anthropomorphic robotic ransport device for human unloading in conditions of high risk and uncertainty of terrain

A new analytical model of ARTD kinematics, model of the dynamic behavior of the walking apparatus when moving on an arbitrary surface, has been developed a structural diagram, has been synthesized for the interaction of the robotic transport device systems with its nodes. Created computer models of kinematics and dynamic behavior work, shows the interaction of the executive bodies of the ARTD with its sensory system through the environment.

Development of a system for monitoring and control of mobile robotic tools for complex environmental monitoring and ground objects

Макетний зразок Платформи

A new architecture and basic components of the UAV control system with robotic devices and Tactical Support Platform (TSP) for horizon control so a drone and robot were develop, the structure of hardware and software complex Ground Control Centre (GCC), circuit integration of major subsystems and equipment – registration server, data analysis and data processing ground facilities monitoring results, the server for access to the resources of the relevant data warehouses and databases, components of these management systems and data streams and video.

Creating a Research and Training an IT environment of university with complex research and development of competitive technologies and materials of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology

Developed the architecture of the scientific and educational IT - environment of the university, its hardware-software complex and structure for integration of major subsystems and equipment - registration server, server for data processing and analysis of the results of field experiments, the server access to the resources of the IT environment, subsystems for forming processing results requests of users, components of resource management system appropriate repositories and databases as a server backup, web Access server to generate web messages to connect to webinars.

The development of architecture and technology of processing corporative distributed data sources in Cloud Computing environment based on the metamodels with their dynamic interpretation

The new Cloud- relevant technology and architecture "server farm" for ETL - processing and basic components (Machine of states and Broker of processing queries and broadcast events) of the distributed processing of corporate data sources and Web - services are developed for high quality in a heterogeneous environment Cloud Computing - based metadata and tools to identify the objects in "cloud" architecture.

Development of paradigm and Software integration of distributed information systems with dynamic interpretation of data processing and control metamodels for intercorporate level

Authors have developed a new technology to create of tools for integration of distributed information systems (IS) on the basis of standardized components to the dynamic interpretation of metamodels processing and management. Technology differs from the known methods that can be adapted to each other and IS dynamically modify their treatment processes and software components.

Developing specialized knowledge bases for recursive parser of weakly connected originated natural language text information and Web-applications

Knowledge base for processing and structuring of natural - language information, which provides a recursive text parser, based on a new formal model of the structural level of organization of linguistic material,which provides a recursive scheme of organization that clearly defined an element of recursion - the basic semantic and syntactic structure, which is described by the extended model.