Creating a Research and Training an IT environment of university with complex research and development of competitive technologies and materials of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology

Developed the architecture of the scientific and educational IT - environment of the university, its hardware-software complex and structure for integration of major subsystems and equipment - registration server, server for data processing and analysis of the results of field experiments, the server access to the resources of the IT environment, subsystems for forming processing results requests of users, components of resource management system appropriate repositories and databases as a server backup, web Access server to generate web messages to connect to webinars.

Was developed the new technology of processing results of real experiments that form the processes of nanotechnology and nanoelectronics for data exchange in the IT environment using a metamodels description and processing of data and messages, as well as using the services and resources of cloud technologies. Created new application libraries and the software that uses them, the structure of the database system and database on educational information, the structure of the data warehouse, the rules of information integration and system configuration on the basis designed templates of webinars and metamodels. During implementation of project was analyzed an architecture and implementation of the technological features of components of the IT environment of high school , developed requirements for operating system and application of software components which are used metadata to process different information objects to create highly loaded servers that can provide simultaneous access of thousands of users to these resources. Created subsystem of virtual storage for real and simulated data, and video-based network storage subsystems for forming processing results requests of users, components QNAP - TS638 and file server.

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