Апаратно-програмний комплекс

The theory research of temperature field of biofuels termoanemometrychnoho new flow using algorithmic methods, apparatus of artificial neural networks

Апаратний комплекс термоанемометричного витратоміра

A new scientific concept, new methods and means of improving the flow of new termoanemometrychnoho (TAB) (patent of Ukraine), the theoretical bases of research of temperature field of biofuels. Increased accuracy (1.5%) compared with the known works (3%), high speed 10 times. A further practical use new software and hardware for computer-based (patent of Ukraine), which provides automated measurements in real time while documenting information in the right form (figures, graphs, tables) that extends the functionality.

Creating a Research and Training an IT environment of university with complex research and development of competitive technologies and materials of nanoelectronics and nanotechnology

Developed the architecture of the scientific and educational IT - environment of the university, its hardware-software complex and structure for integration of major subsystems and equipment - registration server, server for data processing and analysis of the results of field experiments, the server access to the resources of the IT environment, subsystems for forming processing results requests of users, components of resource management system appropriate repositories and databases as a server backup, web Access server to generate web messages to connect to webinars.

Terahertz broadband telecommunications system radio access with Gigabit bandwidth


The principles and hardware / software solutions to build a telecommunication system broadband Internet access with Gigabit bandwidth in the frequency range 128-134 GHz to solve congestion frequency bands used today, a substantial increase in the data rate of wireless radio access systems, and the creation of ultra high radio relay lines of the new generation.

Development of new high-precision technology for echo sounding in acoustic multimode wave guides and creation of hardware&software complex for its implementation

The aim of work are creation and introduction of hardwarily-programmatic complex with the increased exactness of echolocation  of fuel in the tanks of trucks and level of underwaters through pipe waveguides with the use of normal waves.

As a research method is used computer design of echolocation in waveguides on normal waves, experimental design on the laboratory model of complex.