Terahertz broadband telecommunications system radio access with Gigabit bandwidth

The principles and hardware / software solutions to build a telecommunication system broadband Internet access with Gigabit bandwidth in the frequency range 128-134 GHz to solve congestion frequency bands used today, a substantial increase in the data rate of wireless radio access systems, and the creation of ultra high radio relay lines of the new generation.

On the basis of physical modeling made two experimental samples of ultra high performance driver based on frequency division multiplexing OFDM modulated digital streams, conducted bench-testing and optimization to achieve the maximum bandwidth of the transmission channel of the digital information stream into Ethernet format using the developed software. Created hardware and software made it possible to reach a common channel speed at full duplex up to 1.2 Gbit/s.

Developed new technical solution for encoding and modulating flow in the Ethernet format with the distribution of adjacent frequency bands and combining them into a common multi-frequency flow in the transmitting tract and distribution at the output of the frequency bands and their subsequent demodulation, routing and shaping the Ethernet interface in the receiving channel transceiver driver information flow channel due to the increased spectral efficiency and throughput.

On the basis of the new scheme-technical solutions build relay systems terahertz range, the modeling of the basic functional units of the receiving / transmitting tract, designed and constructed an experimental model of digital radio-relay system line terahertz frequency range 128-134 GHz with a total bandwidth of the communication channel to 1.2 Gbit/s is likely to bit errors BER level of 10-6 and the communication range is within 1 km.

Created a hardware-software complex digital microwave links in the structure of the imaging unit, transmitting and receiving channels of the terahertz range provides operators of telecommunications technical solutions and tools system packet Gigabit flows in unlicensed terahertz range 130-134 GHz to build ultra high-distribution-access network, including the transmission of television signals of high and ultra-high definition in real time.

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