Ilchenko Mikhail Yu.

Ільченко Михайло Юхимович - Ільченко Михайло Юхимович, учений у галузі радіоелектроніки та телекомунікацій, академік НАН України (1997), заслужений діяч науки і техніки України, тричі лауреат Державних премій УРСР (1983), СРСР (1989) і України (2004) в галузі науки і техніки.

Research of scientific and technical basis of communication software-defined radiosystem creation

The work was aiming to develop the scientific and technical bases for the creation of a new generation of software-defined radio systems for telecommunications systems of 4-5 generations, which will be based on the application of new technologies for the construction of radio transceivers, digital signal processing and the organization of effective interaction of system, hardware and application software.

Development of digital modem equipment for next generation tropospheric stations and small satellite radio communication systems

The structural and functional principles of modem equipment construction for over-the-horizon communication were developed. Time adaptation algorithms for changing conditions of over-the-horizon communication station, based on fuzzy conclusion algorithms were developed. Algorithms of frequency adaptation for initialization and continuous operation modes were developed. Algorithms to receive energy estimations of the channel and their statistical parameters were developed.

Terahertz broadband telecommunications system radio access with Gigabit bandwidth

The principles and hardware / software solutions to build a telecommunication system broadband Internet access with Gigabit bandwidth in the frequency range 128-134 GHz to solve congestion frequency bands used today, a substantial increase in the data rate of wireless radio access systems, and the creation of ultra high radio relay lines of the new generation.

Research of adaptive methods of increase of efficiency of broadband radioaccess systems

The new link adaptation method was created based on multicriteria channel state estimates with fuzzy logic mathematical apparatus. Matching link adaptation algorithms were created with usage of unusual improved fuzzy inference algorithm based on both link state energy estimations and multicriteria estimations (energetical, probabilistical, and statistical). The rules of membership function construction were determined. They are constructed by direct methods based on simulation results or laboratory measurements of stationary channel immunity.

Theoretical bases of construction of mobile broadband radioaccess systems of millimeter wave band.

Working out of principles of construction and methods of implementation of mobile broadband access systems of a millimeter wave band for maintenance of high-speed access of users to ІР-networks data transfers under condition of maintenance of the secured quality of giving of services was a research work main objective.

Simulation and realization of solid-state electrically tuning filters

The solid-state electrically tuning filters are main elements of different multifrequency communication systems with high reliability. New approach to designing electrically tuned band-pass filters that is based on use U-shaped microstrip resonators with several varactors connected to each resonator is proposed. This approach allows to creating prototypes which exceeds world level of varactor-tuned filters.