Research of scientific and technical basis of communication software-defined radiosystem creation

The work was aiming to develop the scientific and technical bases for the creation of a new generation of software-defined radio systems for telecommunications systems of 4-5 generations, which will be based on the application of new technologies for the construction of radio transceivers, digital signal processing and the organization of effective interaction of system, hardware and application software. Structural and functional principles for the construction of a new generation software-defined radio system have been developed: the architecture of the SDR system for the development of radio-telecommunication equipment; structure of construction of modern SDR transceivers; the structure of the organization of means of filtering the side channels of the receivers and out-of- band transmitters emissions; algorithms for adaptation of SDR system for operation in the conditions of intentional and unintentional interference and methods of synchronization of SDR system. The architecture of cognitive radio based on SDR systems for telecommunication systems of 4 and 5 generations and algorithms of operation of SDR system as a cognitive radio with the support of multi-standard multi-band modes were developed. The architecture of the UAV communication system, control and video surveillance system and the ground control station based on the SDR system have been developed. The architecture of a stand-alone wireless inter-machine exchange system (M2M) on the basis of a SDR system focused on the application of the principles of cognitive radio was developed. Experimental studies were conducted on a model sample that was created on the basis of debugging tools for the development of devices on SoC and SDR. Software interface for Matlab/Simulink and SDR platform was developed. Software for creating a prototype communication systems based on transceiver SDR and SoC for HIL- simulation, software for compilation, software drivers for SDR transmitter and SoC was developed . A prototype of a embedded operating system based on Linux was developed.

Стенд з прототипом SDR системи на базі трансивера AD9364 та SoC Xilinx
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