Improving energy and resource efficiencies parameters on basis power electronics for highly reliable technology for welded joints of heterogeneous materials

The object of research work is electromagnetic processes in the system "power grid - power converter - non-stationary load". The aim of the work is to increase energy efficiency and resource saving by means of power electronics for the technology of obtaining highly reliable welding joints of heterogeneous materials. The scientific work is based on an integrated approach that combines the knowledge about the electrophysical processes of welding the heterogeneous materials, the laws of formation of electrical current pulses in order to obtain high quality welding joints of materials, and of optimal use and distribution in time of power grid energy when creating the welding current pulses of a given form. Methods of research: the theory of electric and electronic circuits, the theory of automatic control, mathematical and physical modeling, structural and parametric optimization, mathematical and statistical analysis. Equipment: debug boards and stands, digital oscilloscope, digital multifunctional generators, laboratory power supplies, energy quality analyzer, personal computers, modern system of squeezing the welded parts for resistance welding. As a result of research work, the effective circuit topologies for designing the main units of the power supplies for resistance welding systems were developed, the optimal modes of their operation were calculated, the analytical dependencies characterizing the work of the main units were obtained, the solutions and the measures for increasing the electromagnetic compatibility, the energy efficiency, the accuracy of welding pulses formation, the functioning reliability of such power supplies. The implementation of the proposed solutions provides an opportunity to obtain the value of the power supply power factor of more than 0,99, to obtain the efficiency of not less than 80%, to reduce the pulsation of the output power curve to 3%. The obtained results and scientific and technical developments correspond to the current level of converter equipment and world tendencies in this field. The main areas of applying the proposed technical solutions are electronics, instrument making, medicine. Predictable assumptions about the progress of the research object - adaptation and scaling of the developed solutions and measures for their application in the machines of resistance welding of living tissues.

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