Digital microwave relay system of terahertz range with the use of nanoelectronic сomponents

Essence of the development consist in creation of real prerequisites for construction digital radio relay system in terahertz frequency band to provide qualitative rise carrying capacity of telecommunications systems.
For the first time in theoretical aspect the computer and physical modeling of main component parts of telecommunications system have been carried out, namely: the subharmonic mixer in 130-134 GHz band with intermediate frequencies 1-5 GHz and the local oscillator with using radio-pulse frequency multiplying in IMPATT diode; at theoretical level the tasks of research digital radio relay systems and component parts in terahertz band were defined with taking into account its nonlinear and noise properties. The tasks have been solved using modern software support which permit to specify the requirements to the component parts, proceeding from necessity to realize its on nanoelectronic component base (novel multilayer integral technologies).

For the first time in theoretical aspect the experimental investigations of the digital radio-relay model sample have been carried out in terahertz band with using nanoelectronic components in its structure: the receiving and transmission circuits in frequency band 130-134 GHz, the digital modem with carrying capacity up to 155 Mbit/s; the project of harmonic mixer on base of multilayer GaAs technology and coplanar waveguides have been developed.

Main characteristics and results of researches is that on base of fulfilled researches the digital radio-relay system was created in terahertz frequency band which provides transmission and receiving in frequency band 130-134 GHz digital information with speed up to 1,5 Gbit/s at communication distance in the range 1 km; the project of the method to calculate the canal track of radio-relay line in frequency band 30-300 GHz was developed using models ITU concerning to the electromagnetic waves propagation in terahertz band; frequency band 130-134 GHz is inserted in Plan of the radiofrequency resource using in accordance with Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine decision No 838 from 05.09.2012.

Proposed and implemented a new technical solution of the detector on the mirror dielectric waveguide in the range of frequencies 53-74 GHz, 78-120 GHz, 118-180 GHz, 175-275 GHz, on the basis of which was experimentally confirmed the correctness of the application of the principles of system integration of wireless devices with the use of a mirror of a dielectric waveguide as a prototype nanocomponents than the established conditions of application of nanotechnology to build a new generation of telecommunication systems of terahertz frequency range.

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