The theory research of temperature field of biofuels termoanemometrychnoho new flow using algorithmic methods, apparatus of artificial neural networks

A new scientific concept, new methods and means of improving the flow of new termoanemometrychnoho (TAB) (patent of Ukraine), the theoretical bases of research of temperature field of biofuels. Increased accuracy (1.5%) compared with the known works (3%), high speed 10 times. A further practical use new software and hardware for computer-based (patent of Ukraine), which provides automated measurements in real time while documenting information in the right form (figures, graphs, tables) that extends the functionality. Provided designed to increase the accuracy by using TAB: proposed new mathematical model of TAB introduced additional amendments, taking into account the influence of the main design parameters of the device; The study proposed in biofuel heat flow of new methods to reduce errors TAB. The choice of the TAB circuit ejector nozzle. A certified calibration TAB to install and experimental determination accuracy characteristics. The experimental and computer modeling confirmed the conclusions obtained analytically. For the first time a formula linking the fuel temperature at a distance from the heater with a volume flow of motor fuel subject to laminar and turbulent flow through. For the first time invited to apply linear approximation process with simultaneous measurement of temperature in several points of the motor fuel flow to improve the accuracy of flow. For the first time proposed to improve the accuracy of calculating TAB sell motor fuel volume flow using artificial neural networks and neyroprotsesora in digital computers (patent of Ukraine).

Апаратний комплекс термоанемометричного витратоміра
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