Bezvesilyna E.N.

Безвесільна Олена Миколаївна - доктор технічних наук, професор кафедри приладобудування, провідний науковий співробітник, заслужений діяч науки і техніки України

Control system of navigation complex of light armored cars

A new scientific concept, new methods and means of improving the control system (SC) of the instrument navigational complex (NK), stabilizer, light armored vehicles (LBM) have been created. Achieved the increase of accuracy and speed of measurement of the parameters of the TC NK of the modern LBM more than 2 times. New mathematical models of IC stabilizer work, formulas, algorithms, estimation of parameters of motion are obtained. A new automated control system of the stabilizer LBM has been developed.

The theory research of temperature field of biofuels termoanemometrychnoho new flow using algorithmic methods, apparatus of artificial neural networks

A new scientific concept, new methods and means of improving the flow of new termoanemometrychnoho (TAB) (patent of Ukraine), the theoretical bases of research of temperature field of biofuels. Increased accuracy (1.5%) compared with the known works (3%), high speed 10 times. A further practical use new software and hardware for computer-based (patent of Ukraine), which provides automated measurements in real time while documenting information in the right form (figures, graphs, tables) that extends the functionality.

Research and theoretical studies of new precision inertial navigation system in extreme conditions using neural networks

The actuality of solving the problem of fundamental researches of a new precision inertial navigation system (NS) in extreme conditions, which is the important constituent of the aviation gravimetrical system, is grounded. The classification of NS is resulted. The system of NS controlling has been improved.

New theory and experimental means of measurement for building new study about the gravity anomaly lows

In the given work the investigation of potentialities and expediency of using integrating gyroscopic gravimeter as a gravimeter of airborne gravimetric system are performed with the aim of increasing the accuracy of measurements of gravitational acceleration values. The peculiarities of work of integrating gyro gravimeter are investigated with the help of computer in the static operation mode and the dynamic one under the condition of harmonic action of perturbations.