Research and theoretical studies of new precision inertial navigation system in extreme conditions using neural networks

The actuality of solving the problem of fundamental researches of a new precision inertial navigation system (NS) in extreme conditions, which is the important constituent of the aviation gravimetrical system, is grounded. The classification of NS is resulted. The system of NS controlling has been improved. A new system of impact and vibration protection broader functionality than is known, which provides the required accuracy of the NS is developed and investigated; new angle measuring system of greater accuracy and speed than known for preliminary precision the ground exhibitions navigation sensors (gravimeters, accelerometers). The NS researches are done by computer. The experimental researches of the NS are held. The method of filtration of output signal of AGS from errors is resulted. The results are used in the practical development of a new angle measurement system, a new system of shock and vibration protection, the new AGS. Results of the implementation are solved the problem increase the accuracy and the speed of the ACS with NS more then 2 times.

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