Creation of the information and diagnostic complex for control of the automated manufacturing material processing

Set of diagnostic information and diagnostic complex for control of the process of manufacturing parts high-precision instruments is creative.

Offered a new method for rapid analysis of the process of machining parts high-precision instrument, which is to assess the vibration and electromagnetic components of dynamics processing materials, providing the possibility of predicting critical or emergency process in automated manufacturing.

A formalized model evaluation of the process on the basis of secondary cutting parameters (amplitude vibrations, tool wear, slip the main engine) to improve the accuracy of high-precision parts manufacturing equipment is offered.

The algorithm of information and diagnostic complex control of manufacturing precision parts for machine tools are defined.

Creative of the block diagram and principle of electronic circuits and printed wiring board central unit information and diagnostic complex, the main design options twoparametric sensor for registration vibroacoustic and electromagnetic components and dynamics of cutting with high precision.

Explained by structural features of the installation of electronic boards mounted core modules in the motherboard housing information and diagnostic system monitoring cutting tool.

Prepared preliminary design of technical documentation, technical advice on the operation of the complex in terms of craft production.

Design features of the construction of the main and peripheral guarantee of information and diagnostic system for automated machine tools in the manufacture of high-precision parts in appliances to improve the accuracy of estimation and prediction of the cutting tool.

Двопараметричний відчутник комплексу, встановлений в складі металообробного CNC верстата
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