Development and research of models, methods and technologies of planning, programming and management cloudy IT-infrastructures

Was developed a new concept of composing and development of large-scale information management systems and open public media, a number of mathematical models and methods of analysis, design, implementation and operation of control systems of cloud IT infrastructure that automates critical cloud computing processes that allow you to create technology-aided design and management of cloud IT infrastructure.

The mathematical model of the behavior of members of cloud IT infrastructures (CIT). The complex models of analysis of efficiency, quality of service, reliability, and other parameters of the IT infrastructure and their prediction changes. Investigate methods of collecting and processing metrics cloud environments. Considered and investigated different types of cloud services such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and models and methods of planning, management accounting and control. The methods of synthesis and design cloud environment. The methods of synthesis and design cloud environment. Examined and improved methods of load balancing between CIT based on objective and subjective problems that arise in the process of creation, operation and development of IT environments, models and methods of distributed computing resources, resource management, data warehousing, design and operation of CIT and generalized models, methods and techniques design and management of CIT. Developed and studied models and methods for the efficient allocation of computing resources of cloud IT infrastructures. The models of the planning and management of resources of the physical server and the load of virtual machines based on the importance of the application, resource, technological and other significant restrictions.The model includes both individual servers and a set of servers that make up the clouds. The developed methods provide a more optimal allocation of computing resources and data storage resources; it allows you to run more copies of the service. Developed and studied models and methods for computer-aided design, analysis and management of the system of metrics for managing cloud IT infrastructures.

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