Heterogeneous environment with dynamic architecture for high-performance data processing in distributed information systems

The analysis of the status and problems arising in the provision of services in global networks, particularly in systems Cloud Computing and Grid, as well as models, methods and algorithms to provide services and their pricing shown that the existing number of bottlenecks in the system to provide services in a global environment for ISPs and telecom operators, including call processing systems, query processing in data сetre and charging, since the lack of facilities the end user can not pick up service.

The method of allocation of resources based billing server resource requirements of applications for maintenance of various types of services that allow to take into account the statistics of daily load different types of services and improve the economic efficiency of service.

The system load balancing between a set of available servers that can perform service, including both indicators of congestion primary and secondary servers, and the cost of transporting flow applications (time and economic), it will increase the flexibility and resiliency of the provision of services in global networks.

Based on the improved charging system, which provides a set of controls using resources such as the distribution of control inputs, control of process control input stream load per server pricing, control over the process of redistribution of tariff applications between servers set pricing; recommendations for changes of software components and charging OCS proposed description of its components improved as a draft program documentation.

Гетерогенне середовище з динамічною архітектурою
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