The theory of structural-parametric geometric modeling as a means to optimize the complex processes of computer-aided design

Automated modeling is an effective tool for the design of high-quality technology and the processes of its production. The fundamental basis of information in engineering are geometric patterns that are formed using a variety of computer-automated systems.

Appropriateness of complex optimization of complex technical products necessitates research to develop improved methods, techniques, methods and algorithms of mathematical reproduction of facilities and processes. Promising in this respect is the computer structural and geometric parametric modeling, which successfully integrated implements the basic principles of modern computer-aided design of engineering products and manufacturing processes.

Developed new mathematical models, methods and algorithms are computer structural parametric geometry modeling for use in automated systems design and design and technological preparation of production of complex technical objects. First, the methodology of structural-parametric variant formation of technical systems in mechanical engineering in a modern integrated information technology, provided the use of structural and parametric geometric means to search global optimization in optimization problems, a method of multi-dimensional visualization of objects. On the basis of new mathematical methods of variant formation of technical systems in engineering gain new methods of structural and parametric modeling of parts and assemblies of mechanical engineering and manufacturing processes. According to the program implementation of the developed mathematical models, computer experiments conducted to test results and test implementation in aircraft.

Літак – один з узагальнюючих представників складних виробів машинобудування
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