Автоматизоване моделювання

Investigation of modern semiconductor nanodevices and nanocomponents of integral circuits, based on 1D and 2D structures

Estimations for the dynamical properties of tree-nitrides compounds (InN, GaN, AlN) were obtained, using semi-analytical expressions for momentum and energy mean free times in strong fields. Field-temperature dependences, occupation of the valleys, velocity-field charactistics in strong fields with different modifications of crystal lattice (cubic and hexagonal) were calculated. These results were compared with existent experimental data, calculated by other authors.

The theory of structural-parametric geometric modeling as a means to optimize the complex processes of computer-aided design

Automated modeling is an effective tool for the design of high-quality technology and the processes of its production. The fundamental basis of information in engineering are geometric patterns that are formed using a variety of computer-automated systems.

Development of theory of designing for machine tools of new composition on basis of system’s analysis and synthesis of mechanisms with parallel structure

Conception of planning and arrangements of machine-tools of new generation is offered, the basic features of which followings:

-  The genetic going is near classification, description, evolution of development and prognostication of machine-tools as to the difficult technical systems of prirodno-antropogenogo origin.

-  The multilevel morphological going is near a construction and synthesis of the difficult technical systems.

-  Application of framework thecal constructions of the bearings systems.

-  Aggregate-module principle of arrangements.