Development of a new generation of non-invasive passive acoustic system for measuring critical physiological parameters of the human brain and inner ear

A new generation of non-invasive acoustic system has been developed for measuring critical physiological parameters of the brain and human inner ear snail, which includes: Dynamic, real-time, single-channel passive acoustic thermometer with focus, which records its own thermal acoustic radiation of the human body in the megahertz range, and is safe for it, and is intended for non-invasive determination of deep temperature of the human brain and snail of the inner ear of the human; Computer complex, with electroencephalograph and headsets, for determination of frequency and power of brain rhythms, and implementation of non-invasive acoustic method of therapy with the help of complex audio-signals. For the experimental study of the acoustic system, the authors have developed original measuring means, namely, a high-frequency wattmeter and an acoustic radiometer. A study was carried out using a method of determining bioelectric brain activity, which allowed for the first time to establish increases in alpha and tat wave brain activity in patients with pulmonary pathology. It has been found that correctly selected audio signals improve the main indicator of bronchial tree. Based on the developed model of auditory system, taking into account spectral composition of audio signals, their influence on cognitive function of human brain neocortex was investigated. The relationship between frequency characteristics of brain electric activity and dynamics of attention concentration coefficient under the influence of audio signals of different component composition was quantified. For the first time, the most pronounced frequencies of audio signals are established, which cause characteristic changes in the power and frequency of human brain rhythms

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