Theorethical and applied tasks of security of comlex systems

This project concerns the research of theoretical and applied problems of structural-complex systems’ security. The subject of the research is the scientific apparatus for the security investigation of structural-complex systems. In this project were developed new and improved existing approaches, models, methods and algorithms for solving the tasks of analysis and synthesis of structural-complex systems’ characteristics. Their behavior was investigated, considering the discrete structure, multicriterion evaluation and limitations of various kinds, which were determined by the context of a precise area of application

The main results are the approach, the suite of threat models, and methods for calculating transition probabilities for the structural-complex systems to a hazardous state, which differs from the existing in using the logical-probabilistic method and taking into account the topology of the structural relationships between the subsystems. The advantage of the developed approach, models and methods is the complex solving possibility of a broad class of problems in providing security for structural-complex systems. This gave the possibility to develop methods for synthesis of complex systems with security features. In particular, such problems were solved for the first time as the problem of system’s structure optimization, problem of security organization using trust models based on reputation, problem of optimized arrangement of security mechanisms, conduction of threat analysis using expertise and Bayesian networks, also using the game theory models a system of information security was synthesized. These results were used in development of secured information systems of various classes.

New methods for solving security problems of large dimension using genetic and parallel algorithms were developed; also procedures for intelligent analysis of information for monitoring hazards to public networks were developed. A software complex for modeling, evaluation and security provision of structural-complex systems was created.

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