Research of nanoheterostructres based on ternary alloys AIIIBV for modeling of their electronic properties and effects

The subject of the research is the electrical and optoelectronic characteristics of triple AIIIBV compounds and based on them structures. The main attention was paid to the investigation of the dynamic characteristics of triple compounds in strong fields, the effects of
heating the electron gas and other effects, which are inherent in such nanosizes materials, as well as phenomena on the boundaries of low-dimensional structures with passive regions and contacts.
The basic physical and mathematical principles for the modeling of nanoheterostructures using two-component solid solutions of binary compounds of AIIIBV have been created. An improved method of relaxation equations is used, in which the equation for the electronic temperature is used instead of the energy balance equation. The momentum relaxation and electron energy for different scattering mechanisms are calculated. For the first time,analytical
relations were obtained for calculating the inter-valley relaxation times for arbitrary values of the inter-valence distance in comparison with the energy of inter-valence phonons. Such an analysis is necessary for triple compounds, in which the valley position essentially depends on the stoichiometric composition.
The acoustic and optical phonons are considered as separate types of inter-valued scattering for compounds with a broad phonon band gap, The simulation takes into account the relaxation times for scattering on the alloy deformation potential.
The system of equations for the simulation of submicron heterostructures with quantum wells is derived on the basis of the system of relaxation equations,
The methods of modeling of nanoheterostructures are developed including quantum effects and scattering mechanisms which are specific for triple compounds.

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