Novikov A.N.

Based on satellite data scenario modeling of critical changes in the ecological and economic state of temporarily occupied territories as a factor of national security of Ukraine

An information system for monitoring changes in the land cover of the territories based on satellite data was created. The system is integrated into the Information and Analytical Situation Center of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

A complex of methods and models has been developed, based on which the degree of transformation of land cover types is evaluated, critical changes are identified, and their classification by type of transformation is carried out. Methods used to identify transformations:

Using logical-probabilistic approach for enhancing security of a systems with complex structure

Created new science concept, new methods of analysis and control in the field of security of complex systems. Constructed new logical-probabilistic models allows to formalize the description of complex systems security problems and ensure a unified methodological framework for its solution. Created new scientific approaches for constructing a new class of complex information security systems.

Theorethical and applied tasks of security of comlex systems

This project concerns the research of theoretical and applied problems of structural-complex systems’ security. The subject of the research is the scientific apparatus for the security investigation of structural-complex systems. In this project were developed new and improved existing approaches, models, methods and algorithms for solving the tasks of analysis and synthesis of structural-complex systems’ characteristics.