Using logical-probabilistic approach for enhancing security of a systems with complex structure

Created new science concept, new methods of analysis and control in the field of security of complex systems. Constructed new logical-probabilistic models allows to formalize the description of complex systems security problems and ensure a unified methodological framework for its solution. Created new scientific approaches for constructing a new class of complex information security systems. The new models, methods and algorithms of cyber security based on logical and probabilistic approach were proposed and used for solving security analysis and synthesis of protected information and communication systems. Created algorithms (optimal and suboptimal) of parametric and structural synthesis of cyber security with using methods of nonlinear programming, decision theory and game approach. Developed optimized algorithms of authentication and digital signature in complex information system. Created new methods of analyzing the structure of complex systems, design of experiment - testing complex system of protection, evaluating and correcting human factor influence on the results.

Prepared improved sample of basic software system for automated design and safety assessment of complex systems. Examples of the developed models, methods and algorithms in practice, cyber security.

Структурна схема
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