Mechanisms of intensification of sorption process of heavy metal ions by dry magnetically controlled biosorbents for the purification of the waste water

The newest method of manufacturing a dry magnetite biosorbent (MBS) on the basis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast was developed using a magnetic fluid with a magnetic susceptibility sufficient to effectively remove the iosorbent from the liquid stream contaminated by heavy metal ions, high-gradient magnetic separators (HGMS), whose efficiency is determined by the structure of high-gradient ferromagnetic matrixs (HGFM). The obtained results showed
that the range of change of the value of magnetic susceptibility is one order of magnitude less for a dry MBS produced by the method of magnetohydrodynamic mixing (MHDM) in crossed magnetic and electric fields on the basis of yeast of S. cerevisiae than for dry ICBM made by the method of mechanical mixing. The mechanisms of intensification of the process of sorption of heavy metal ions by dry MBSs for purification of waste water from heavy metal ions are
investigated. It has been experimentally shown that the sorption capability in relation to cations of Cu2+ is 30% greater for a magnetically modified biosorbent produced by MHDP in crossed electric and magnetic fields than for a magnetically modified biosorbent made by mechanical stirring. The efficiency of the process of biosorption of heavy metal ions by dry MBSs, the
mechanisms of binding of magnetic nanoparticles with cells of the biosorbent on the basis of yeast of S. cerevisiae in mechanical and MHDP with magnetic fluid were investigated. The problem of stability of the magnetic properties of dry biosorbent and the efficiency of the extraction of the spent dry MBS with the help of HGMS with HGFM were investigated. The results of the research correspond to the world level. The created biosorbent has been
introduced at the enterprise in Slavutych, Kyiv region, namely, in the chemistry and analytical laboratory of the communal enterprise "Department of Housing and Communal Services" for the removal of iron ions, phosphates and heavy metals.

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