New substances and materials

Design of processing technique reception and research of features application porous and nanoporous silicon for creation highly effective nanostructural photo-electric converters

Designed and implemented technology of nanoporous silicon. A basic principles and criteria of structural and technological parameters of photovoltaic cells combined type of inversion channel (value embedded positive charge in the dielectric, the density of surface states at the insulator-semiconductor boundary, the depth of electron-hole transition doping level domains base and emittera).

Development of the process production partially metallized iron-ore burden materials on the base ore-carbonic composition for traditional metallurgical technology

For the reason increasing of metallurgical value charge materials domain production was researched possibility of the reception partly metallize pallets from ore-flux-fuel composition. As main raw material was used iron-ore concentrate Inguleckogo GOKa (64,7 % Fe), with additive coke breeze of fraction 0-3 mm and quicklime, which then mingled and were granulated on plate granulator. Got pellets (with 12-17 % dispersed carbon) after fixing on surface defensive layer by thickness 2,0-2,5 mm from mixture of the concentrate and quicklime (1:1) mingled with solid fuel.

Bezklinkernye inorganic binders with care tonnage thermal power plants - ash and wall products based on them

The purpose of the research is to develop a inorganic binders based on tonnage waste thermal power plants and wall building products based on them.

In carrying out the work were identified pozzolan and hydraulic activity of ash of thermal power plants, depending on the temperature conditions of synthesis and chemical characteristics of the system. Find supplements activators that can adjust the speed of the processes of structure formation.

Development of high-energy and resource-saving technological bases of the processes of manufacture of constructional polymer composites

An important national economic problem related to the scientific substantiation of energy-efficient processes and equipment to produce plastic products reactors on the basis of improved formulations of epoxy resins reinforced with fibrous fillers, in the acoustic field of ultrasonic frequency, and the prediction of physical and mechanical properties of the resulting products is solved.

Technological processes of coating with surface modification by streams of comp rational plasma

Entering within the local areas of the surface portions considerable additional energy allows the creation of conditions for phase and structural changes in the material and in the case of special operating environments - and modify the chemical composition of the surface layer of the material . The additional energy is accomplished using a pulsed arc that is formed between one of the electrodes of the main flow of the plasma generator and the surface of the product.

Making technology and precision processing of new bearing materials with increased wear resistance based on alloy steels wastes

Developed technology and precision processing of composite self lubricant bearing materials for heavy duty exploitation conditions based on alloy steels wastes with solid lubricant allows to manufacture new parts which essentially exceed known bearings over wear resistance for analogue conditions. Created technology is based at use of powder technological operations in combination with fine machining of friction parts.

Development of theoretical and technological foundations of obtaining the modern multifunctional powder-constructive materials with participation of self-fluxing alloys

It is shown that promising to create a powder composite materials for constructional purposes and their products have a composition of iron and self-fluxing alloys (SFI). Based on the study of the processes of wetting of solid surfaces of iron and its alloys, the interaction between them, pressing and sintering processes proposed technological regimes and process for producing powder products for constructional purposes to work under high loads.

Elaboration and investigation of gas discharge equipment for electron impulse beam evaporation and ion-plasma deposition of nanostructurized coatings

Analyze of high voltage glow discharge with cold cathode and anode plasma, oriented to investi¬ga¬ti¬on the possibilities of using the high voltage glow discharge electron sources for elaboration the technological equipment for impulse electron beam evaporation and ion-plasma deposition of coatings have been provided.

Development of technology for production of nanocrystalline silicon films based on amorphous Si-Sn-C and control methods and the pn-junction structure

Developed and implemented technological scheme of low-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon films. The method of thermal vacuum deposition in a stream of high-energy electrons. Theoretical model of the thin-film photovoltaic based nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si). The model takes into account the three-dimensional distribution of potential barriers.

Creation of the information and diagnostic complex for control of the automated manufacturing material processing

Set of diagnostic information and diagnostic complex for control of the process of manufacturing parts high-precision instruments is creative.

Offered a new method for rapid analysis of the process of machining parts high-precision instrument, which is to assess the vibration and electromagnetic components of dynamics processing materials, providing the possibility of predicting critical or emergency process in automated manufacturing.