Bezklinkernye inorganic binders with care tonnage thermal power plants - ash and wall products based on them

The purpose of the research is to develop a inorganic binders based on tonnage waste thermal power plants and wall building products based on them.

In carrying out the work were identified pozzolan and hydraulic activity of ash of thermal power plants, depending on the temperature conditions of synthesis and chemical characteristics of the system. Find supplements activators that can adjust the speed of the processes of structure formation.

The compositions of the inorganic binder on the basis of ash and additives hydraulic activator activity. Experimental samples and set their application requirements.

The effect of curing conditions on the physical, mechanical and operational characteristics of ash binder. The composition of products tumors depending on the hardening.

The optimization of working compositions based on inorganic binders of ash and the technique of design, taking into account the characteristics of the aggregate.

Prototypes of wall materials on the basis of ash binder and investigated their basic physical and mechanical properties.

The technology and developed recommendations for the use of binders for the production of wall materials based on them. A draft technical specifications for walling products.

The technology of production of wall products, which allows utilization of large-capacity waste heat power of 60 - 70 wt. % Of the total volume of working fluid , to reduce the unit cost of heat energy to 105 kJ per 1000 bricks due to lack of autoclaving , shorten the production cycle and to obtain products with a maximum wall strength level in the range of 20 - 25 MPa, which are characterized by high water resistance and can be used in wet conditions.

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