Development of technology for production of nanocrystalline silicon films based on amorphous Si-Sn-C and control methods and the pn-junction structure

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Developed and implemented technological scheme of low-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon films. The method of thermal vacuum deposition in a stream of high-energy electrons. Theoretical model of the thin-film photovoltaic based nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si). The model takes into account the three-dimensional distribution of potential barriers. For the first time analyzed the quantitative criteria of structural and technological parameters - doping profile distribution and concentration gradient dopant, doping depth, the ratio of the areas and regions n і n+ - type conductivity. A quantitative criteria of structural and technological parameters. To achieve efficiency ratio above 24% is necessary to ensure the value of the embedded positive charge over 2,5·10-2 Кл/м2 , density of surface states on the verge of insulator - semiconductor least 1015 ев-1м-2, depth n + - region more than 3 microns. Proposed and experimentally proven technological modes of formation of nanocrystals in films of α-Si:H. By IR spectroscopy established types of bonds in the obtained films Si-Sn-C, Si-О, Si-H, Si-H-N. Ellipsometric studies have shown that the value of the index of refraction ranges 3-1,5. By electron-beam evaporation were synthesized nanocrystalline silicon films based on the set of alloys. Conducted search and optimization of the technological conditions of the synthesis of films by reactive RF magnetron sputtering. The processes of low-temperature synthesis. Developed and experimentally tested method of increasing the photosensitivity of nanocrystalline silicon. The method of recrystallization during irradiation with ultraviolet semiconductor laser. Obtained films have high conductivity and optical absorption in the region of 400 nm. Show heterojunction diode characteristics at low voltage 0,01-0,2 In turn live.

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