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Physical-technical principles of the constructional and technological solutions on the thin-film nanocrystalline silicon solar cells and heterojunction А3В5 solar cells

Integrated optimization of production technology of radiation-resistant solar cells based on the A3B5 heterojunctions, on the single-crystal silicon as well as on the nanocrystalline silicon films doped with rare earth elements formed by the method of synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon thin-film layers. Technological operations for manufacturing of high-performance radiation-resistant nanocrystalline silicon thin film solar cells and the A3B5 heterojunction solar cells have been developed and practically realized.

Design of processing technique reception and research of features application porous and nanoporous silicon for creation highly effective nanostructural photo-electric converters

Designed and implemented technology of nanoporous silicon. A basic principles and criteria of structural and technological parameters of photovoltaic cells combined type of inversion channel (value embedded positive charge in the dielectric, the density of surface states at the insulator-semiconductor boundary, the depth of electron-hole transition doping level domains base and emittera).

Development of technology for production of nanocrystalline silicon films based on amorphous Si-Sn-C and control methods and the pn-junction structure

Developed and implemented technological scheme of low-temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon films. The method of thermal vacuum deposition in a stream of high-energy electrons. Theoretical model of the thin-film photovoltaic based nanocrystalline silicon (nc-Si). The model takes into account the three-dimensional distribution of potential barriers.